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The New Moon also. Fire 3 Earth 3 Air 1 Water 4. Cardinal 4 Fixed 1 Mutable 6. Yesterday's New Moon brought tragedy in the form of a commuter train crash at a station in the. Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, killing 49 people and leaving at least injured. At the moment.

Sun and probably conjunct the natal Moon. Retro Mars is currently opposite Argentina's natal Pluto. Today the slow and decelerating Moon is conjunct Mercury 00 Moon opposition Mars becoming void 02 25 for 24 hours. Venus in Aries waning quincunx retro Mars in Virgo 04 Jupiter and Venus form a line pointing down to the crescent Moon during and after twilight.

Moreover, Mars is approaching his 'challenging' opposition.

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These three aspects occur on March 3rd,. The next Full Moon peaks on the morning of Thursday March 8th. The slowly waxing crescent Moon pairs spectacularly with Venus in the evening sky! Venus and Jupiter are converging, and the Moon swings around the sky to meet them. They will form a triangle in the sky less than 15 degrees wide.

Venus and Jupiter. Astrologicaly, the conjunction of. Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, represents, sheer opulance, so much for March Events of a sudden and volatile nature, will I guess,. Fire 4 Earth 3 Air 1 Water 3. Cardinal 5 Fixed 1 Mutable 5. Mars retro in Virgo, love wisdom. When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look west. Jupiter, Venus and the.

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The impact could. Yesterday Nato withdrew all its staff from Afghan ministries after two senior US officers. Sharp assertive action in keeping with. Today the very slowly waxing Moon in late Aries is opposite Saturn becoming void See the six or seven brightest night objects at once. The last few days of February. In order of brightness these are the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Sirius,.

Fire 3 Earth 4 Air 1 Water 3. Yesterday the Syrian government held a referendum on a new constitution, as violence.

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Towards the end of March. This is a possible period for his downfall, but his is a tough chart, and not much shows up at that. State of the skies:- Today the Sun reaches 8 degrees Pisces. There are 22 days to the Vernal Equinox. Mercury slows to less than. He re-enters Pisces on March 23rd and turns direct. He finally leaves the sign of Pisces on April 16th. So then Mars is approaching his 'challenging' opposition to the Sun, Venus is applying in 'severe'. Yesterday the Syrian military launched a new offensive against opposition-held towns in the province. The Moon, Mercury and Saturn.

The Moon, the Sun and the lunar node form. Crisis in movement. Venus and Jupiter are converging. On March 12th, the two bright planets will form a. In fact, throughout the first three. Yesterday North Korea agreed to suspend uranium enrichment, as well as nuclear and. The next Full Moon makes. Syrian troops launched a ground assault on opposition strongholds in the city of Homs,.

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This same Full Moon next Thursday. Mars is approaching opposition.

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On March , the Red Planet will be up all night long,. Some times for the star's disappearance behind. EST; Atlanta, p. EST; Chicago, p. Then later tonight, the Moon's dark limb covers 3rd-magnitude Zeta Tauri for the Northeast and. Retro Mars waning semi-square retro Saturn , driving with the brakes still on. Cardinal 6 Fixed 1 Mutable 4. Even the Russians have capitulated.

There is a progressed. A Nasa spacecraft has detected oxygen around one of Saturn's icy moons, Dione. Diagram showing the relative position of the Earth and Mars at various oppositions from to , and. The distance in Mmi, or millions of miles between the Earth and Mars at closest.

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  6. Moon hits gibbous phase and the procession to Thursday's Full Moon starts. Mercury is about to be in conjunction with Uranus, in Aries, the first, and closest,. Fire 5 Earth 3 Air 1 Water 2. Yesterday at least people were reported killed and hundreds more injured after accidental.

    The transiting lunar. Vladimir Putin declared victory in Russia's presidential elections, returning for a third term after. Venus enters Taurus 10 Mercury conjunction Uranus 11 This is the first of three conjunctions. Today's is the closest of the three. Minor lunar occultation of star Acubens. State of the skies:- Today the Sun reaches 15 degrees Pisces.

    There are 15 days to the Vernal Equinox. Mercury, and Uranus are in Aries. Mercury is an evening star in Aires, approaching his station. Mercury today slows to less than a degree per day , turns retrograde at 7 Aries on March 12th, and. Venus is an evening star in Taurus. He reached opposition to the Sun.

    Fire 4 Earth 4 Air 1 Water 2.

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    Mars Jupiter and Pluto are in earthy grand trine from today. This is a very productive,. Venus newly arrived in Taurus is in an 'artistic' waxing sextile to Neptune Mars Jupiter and Pluto are currently in earthy grand trine. The Moon, Saturn, Neptune and Venus.

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    Fire 3 Earth 5 Air 1 Water 2. A strong solar storm is expected to hit Earth shortly, and experts warn it could disrupt. Mars Jupiter and Pluto. It hits the natal Mars of the North Korea power transfer,.