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In February, the natives will begin activities that will help them grow and exceed their own limits. Physical health will be very good at the end of the first trimester, you just need to pay attention to psychological pressure. Virgo will be more resistant to romanticism and more concerned with themselves than empathizing with others in April. There will be discord in your relationship in the middle of the second trimester.

The Virgo will feel the need to get to the root of the problems.

Beware of deceit or self-deception, it will be necessary to be faithful to your heart. It is a good time to settle debts and get out of situations that detract from your finances. The social and economic life of Virgo will be active at both work and school. Your circle of business partners will grow. In June, everything that is related to group work will be supported by the stars. With respect to health, some natives may have problems with their sexuality and its function. It will be necessary to visit a doctor. They will overcome their fears and explore new sources of pleasure that improve their emotional health.

Be ready for a search for the spiritual and incorporating the disciplines of meditation and relaxation. An old love could reappear in July, repeating romantic patterns.

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Both those who are in partner relationships and singles will clarify their feelings. Some decisions may change the current status of many Virgos. That could lead to changes in emotional relationships, break-ups, engagements or steps to the next level, but nothing will remain static.

Virgo Horoscope 2020

You will have doubts in your partners and need to reevaluate shared projects. You will need to order and manage money better. The third quarter will end with good omens in the financial sector in a cycle of prosperity and abundance. It is a good time to give yourself some of your favorite things, invest or save. Expect stress and varied concerns. You will need a break at the beginning of the third trimester. The natives of Virgo will make important changes in their daily habits. There will be more concern for physical, aesthetic traits and also for improving psychological aspects.

You will have a good physical condition in general, but a lot of stress and nervous tension. The fourth trimester in love will feature good communication with extended families and there will be more confidence with children.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

You will have a need to strengthen bonds at home. To do so, the native of Virgo will tend to make changes externally, with the goal of creating comfort for those around them. In December, they will feel the need to improve aspects of their relationship, mainly intimacy. Regarding money, there could be unexpected expenses, but at the same time, Virgo will be very active in generating new revenue.

These natives will take on more at work and with their personal goals. They will find motivation at work and a good working environment, making them face their obligations enthusiastically in December. The influence of Mercury in retrograde could cause respiratory diseases or allergies.

In November, you will recover well from some diseases and you will understand your body and its needs better. Your mood will improve, you will have a good disposition and a more refined sensitivity. You will be able to fulfill pending commitments and also save some funds for special situations. However, Mercury will also enter this site on the 24th which may lead to growing nervousness. It is important to be careful with this planetary position, since it will induce you to give up your personal power to other people.

The Full Moon will be in Virgo on February 19th, an event that can help you deepen your knowledge of yourself and restructure your goals. Natives of Virgo should take advantage of this transit to analyze the way they communicate with themselves and with their life partner. In general, the children of Virgo will enjoy good physical health during this period of the year.

Virgo 2020 Horoscope & Astrology Yearly Overview - Reach for the stars, you can shine so bright!

However, the presence of Psyche in the VI House can become a source of psychological pressure. You will be reluctant to follow up with romantic opportunities, hiding behind the mask of ego and an exacerbated notion of responsibility. This lunar event will finalize situations which need to be resolved that are associated with the management of your own resources and the right of merit. With Pluto and Saturn in retrograde in the V House of Virgo, you may have episodes of frigidity and premature ejaculation, as well as disorders linked to fertility levels.

Before entering into debates, investigate the reasons that lead you to stay on the defensive. These alignments promote participation in forums, congresses and professionalization courses, in addition to entering into international markets travel, business, publications. It is recommended to hold group work sessions and creative brainstorms aimed at promoting community-based projects more than on an individual level during this period. Likewise, this transit is positive for those who seek internal balance and to connect with the spiritual. Venus will enter the XII House of Virgo on July 27th, which may be felt as the repetition of past romantic situations, which you thought you had overcome or the reappearance of an old love.

The retrogradation of Chiron in the VIII House of Virgo, starting on July 8th, can lead you to reconsider the members of your family who you have business or property deals with.

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Be careful, do not immediately share your suspicions if they have no logical basis hard evidence. The natives of Virgo will have to fight against intense mental activity to get a real rest during this period of the year. It is a true twist for the natives of Virgo which will clarify what they really want and the fears that prevent it from coming to life. Finances will remain stable for the members of Virgo during this time of year.

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With the asteroid Pallas in the II House of the sign, the organization of economic resources will become a priority. A charming mood is in the air, but don't make promises you can't keep. Chatty Mercury and charming Venus meet in the sky, making for a cute and social day for you, Scorpio! Just watch out for confusion concerning money as the moon in generous Sagittarius clashes with sleepy Neptune.

Creativity flows and a gentle, social energy is in the atmosphere as chatty Mercury meets sweet Venus. Be patient with yourself—confusion or nostalgia bubble up as the moon in your sign clashes with Neptune. It's a fantastic day for your social life as chatty Mercury meets charming Venus. It's a great time to network, but watch out for miscommunications as the moon in Sagittarius clashes with sleepy Neptune. A social, easygoing energy flows in your career as communication planet Mercury connects with the planet of beauty, Venus.

But the moon in fiery Sagittarius clashes with hazy Neptune, so watch out for confusion concerning money.

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It's a marvelous day for an adventure as communication planet Mercury meets Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money. However, watch out for confusion in your public life and career as the moon in Sagittarius clashes with your ruling planet Neptune. It's a powerful day for inner-work as the planet of the mind, Mercury, meets the planet of harmony, Venus. Reconnect with your inner voice: What's truly important to you, Aries, in life, love, and intimacy?

Make time for rest and set your imagination free as the moon in Sagittarius clashes with hazy Neptune—but don't indulge paranoias.

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Messenger planet Mercury meets with your ruling planet Venus, inspiring a lovely and social atmosphere in your partnerships. The moon in Sagittarius clashes with mystical Neptune, and there may be some confusing energy, or you may make some intriguing connections. Your ruling planet Mercury meets sweet Venus, creating a charming and social atmosphere at work and as you tend to your daily chores.