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Sidereal Orpheus 7.

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Also know from before that my sidereal Dejanira-Saturn's at 2. Drac Libitina His drac Grieve My drac Grieve-Aphrodite Drac Lachesis Draconic Preys conjunct at So he has Morden-Orpheus natally and I have drac Morden conjunct Orpheus and his Eurydike, the way that sort of patterns show up a fair deal with some asteroids with us when I look through charts. Drac Alekto 27 Pisces opposite composite Sun? My drac Alekto 0. Aah, there we are. Don't mind me, it's relevant for us for other reasons. Mine Idiot me.

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Really wish I knew his angles, the way this isn't giving the complete picture without those, but suspect it'll be at least another days even at BEST before a suitable opportunity to broach the subject will come up or I manage to guide the topic in any such regions to create the opportunity. Okay, a few hours later I do know his angles and more. ASC Also my Musa on his ASC, which isn't a surprise since it's been all about his massive and multiregional creativity, making me photograph and bring up old drawings more as well just the past couple of days. And now the Pluto is quindecile his Moon to echo the Moon opposite Pluto, as initially suspected as well.

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  • Mine, then his. Our Sun-Moon trines are wide but the "Mystic Rectangle" thing with them and the draconics getting closer to Sun-Moon conjunctions is interesting with the sign-house echoing natally. Not sure if his Neptune is close enough to his Sun to give additional vibes to it.

    Astrology of the Sandy Hook Massacre

    H H Holmes, sweetie. Not Sherlock. But unless you've got a strong sense that your homicidal woes were pro, or the 'vengeance' was part of your job, SHERLOCK isn't necessarily needed to detect a murder pattern. As the charts added in the post 3 mins before yours say. Was that for murder in general or some specific figure otherwise? HH Holmes doesn't speak to me. Not "my" serial killer at a glance, but we'll see. His Sherlock looks to be My Moriarty was 26 Gemini in any case.

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    Yes, more or less antiscia Sherlock as recall it. Have to check when I can.

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    Composite with Morden and co. My Valentine looks to be on the composite IC at first glance. Pointers, clues, please? EDIT: Oh, d'oh, sorry.

    How to find Your Marriage Partner in Astrology - Asteroid Juno

    NOW my Holmes at 9. I stabbity'd him at some stage? What with my Morden on his SN, and it being my nodes with the Tisiphone-square and Alektos at each end? Sorry, love, if so. You look a little too wonderful to want to do anything such, although know jealousy abounds and all sorts of things happen. Or the other way around, if you say the South Node owes a debt to the planet-asteroid person?

    His Holmes squares my ASC by about 2 degrees, but discounted it earlier. I need to see the synastry. Yes, we can definitely see that homicide is a part of the karmic pattern -- there's just too much indicating so.

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    But for me to truly grok where, what, how, who, and what-not, we need the synastry. It may not be 'your' serial killer, but it's been effectively utilised in instances involving serial murder. So, that 'Alice' theme is oddly inherent. Homicide investigation. Private investigators can't make legal arrests; cops and federal investigators do. So, thank to the above, I know me , so to speak.

    We've got a deep karma between these two influences that's been slowly hammered away at for quite some time; bits of it have been resolved per the parallel with those particular lessons being tested here in the present lifeline; that which is unresolved is at the forefront, however, considering the presence of the conjunction.

    Though it's more retesting than any new karma that's now to be handled. It could be otherwise, if the orb of the conjunction were tighter; instead, they're superconjunct, with the parallel being closer than the actual conjunction. So, if my stellium translates into the planetary picture of 'female federal profiler homicide death investigator Alice Liddell'. In which case, I should begin hurtling curses at the screen as my mind is blown.

    Go figure. I guess my profiler stellium is hanging out, doing profiler stellium things, until his MORDEN comes along and offs it? Really, it's pretty straightforward.

    Asteroid-World Summer

    I just may not prefer it be. It's already right there in my own natal; of course, the question becomes how to use the operator. Is it an adjective -- or a verb? It denotes an action. Okay, I'll admit that's a tad suspicious -- being 12H. This isn't something we want to see; contraparallels are also karma that's being 'revisited' to ensure that the lessons involved have been properly learnt.

    But contraparallels have got a twist; it's energy that we 'outsource' to others -- especially others whom contact that point.

    So, corpses, literal graves, and associations with 'death'. Question is, outsourced how? To be sure. But there's yet another hidden link here, which cannot be ignored. That's contraparallel the declination with which I'm intimately familiar.

    Asteroid 466 Tisiphone

    Okay, we're getting a curious volley here; we've got conjunctions on top of contraparallels; energy is being summoned, with some of it handed over, and in contradictory ways. Let's see what's going on, by following the trail, as it were. Revenge for karmic death? Revenge for sinister death? Evil death? That's a roundabout way to say 'homicide' -- but, c'mon, it's a really roundabout way. In which case, we've got avenging sinister, evil, karmic homicide. Or, even, karmic revenge of evil homicide.

    I'll accept all of the above. So, we've got him sort of figured out -- but now we're on a whole different stellium; we aren't even in Kansas anymore. The contraparallel. The 'karmic testing'. At the end of the day, it's all just a descriptor.