Love horoscope for march 2

Mercury harmonizes with Venus today. Life has a season for each purpose and there may be a new way to communicate that transcends the way you think and feel about yourself, others, and life that can only be spoken by the spirit. On Sunday, Mercury goes invisible, and for many zodiac signs this may mean words find their challenge point and it's a little harder to get things just right without an edit or two. Dynamic change can begin to make waves in love, particularly in the way you view what matters to you related to property and material possessions.

Birthday Horoscope March 2nd

What's no longer of interest to you can lose the shine it once had before. This can prompt more than an emotional desire to let go and find new things to satisfy your cravings for love or home comforts.

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When the Moon enters Capricorn and draws closer to Venus in the same sign, freedom becomes more valuable than anything the world has to offer. You'll want to find out how that fits in with your current lifestyle. For some zodiac signs this can mean cutting ties with people, places or institutions that have held you back from your happiness. And finding new ways to meet your needs with the understanding that less ismore and more time is a form of true wealth.

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  • Fate and favor meet at the cross road. Lots of things come to you today from different directions.

    Your big break is coming and it's related to a passion project that was once put on the back burner for a bit. Time to dust off the cover and get started once again.

    Taurus Love Horoscope: Saturday, March 2

    Take what you need. You're getting ready to learn some amazing new lessons that benefit those who trust your guidance and leadership. Change in an area where you've been working hard comes to you. Strength fortifies you. Take the time you need for self-care and rest. There's a bittersweet-ness to leaving something familiar and moving to new.

    Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

    A person you love, or that has cared for you comes back into the picture. An ending is really another way to say beginning. It's easy to think that you've got it all covered, but hard work can make you vulnerable in other areas where you need rest. Listen to your body and the signals it gives when it's time to take a break and let others lead the way.


    Challenge helps refine you. You may get quite frustrated with others. Do not make new missteps because of your distraction, and also because of your emotion and urgency, which are brought about due to your deserved criticism. You might need to be extra patient with anyone who is trying to push your buttons. Influential acquaintances will help you in the change you are considering.

    March 2 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

    You will enjoy immensely a trip to a local meeting place, or perhaps an outing somewhere in the country. Thanks to the current astral configuration, the tendency to very rarely take the straightforward path toward anything, preferring to meander back and forth in a zigzag fashion toward your goals and plans, is likely to be increased. Begin to analyze your motives for adopting certain patterns of behavior in order to gen a new perspective.

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    Mercury enters Sagittarius

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